Hi there,

I hate to make my first post an annoying one, but.....

I have Vista Home Premium 32bit on my former HP media center. (former in the sense that I got tired of the suck and put in a new vid card which then made me get a thermal take case and some fans so I didn't have a house fire inside my HP case)

The documentation for the computer says it is able to take 8 gigs of ram and run Vista 64bit. So like an Idiot I bought 8 gigs of compatible ram and an OEM vista home premium 64bit thinking it was going to be as easy as upgrading to xp from 98 was.

The good news is I thought to come here first and read some other peoples experiences.

The bad news is I have no idea where to go from here. I have 2 internal HDD with OS and programson the first. The second is empty and could be used for a clean install of Vista 64 if that is recommended. All my personal files etc are stored on DROBO which I will disconnect and leave off while trying this upgrade.

I have my system restore discs, but no vista 32bit discs.

I have several programs which would be difficult to reconstruct on a new drive either because they were downloaded, or because they have been on here so long I cant remember where the original discs are.

If possible I would like NOT to reinstall all my programs :)

I am open to all suggestions and I will send you a cookie if you help me out.