Whenever I open any image file, in Preview, Irfanview or Photoshop, my CPU usage goes up to 100% (of 1 core)

This happens as soon as I zoom in enough to get the scrollbars to appear.

The bug is reproducable if I zoom in, then try to pan around (at any speed) and on any image.

I have the same problem scrolling photos blogs in firefox, but not in opera!

I have the same problem when opening image-based pdf files.

3d games are all OK. PC is Prime95 3 hours stable.

Intel E5200, Gigabyte G31, MSI 8800GT. XP 32.

I have tried driver cleaner, latest drivers, stock frequency settings, latest bios update and "clean boot startup".


e.g. load 64kb (medium res) jpeg photo. zoom in 150%. scroll slowly with mouse or keyboard and cpu spikes till I stop moving.