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Thread: winXP doesn't keep my settings

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    Whenever I restart winXP, my folder attributes keeps changing. For instance, I set my mp3 folder to "List," the next reboot it will go back to "Details."

    Zone Alarm also has the problems; it keeps asking if I want apps to have internet access even though I've clicked yes infinitely many times.

    How do I reset every setting in winXP so it's like I just installed

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    With ZA make sure that you have the "Remember My Choice" box ticked. If you update a program it will ask again. :smokin:

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    I had exactly the same problem and this "fix" worked for me:

    Firstly I had a missing registry entry:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies\Explorer
    Value Name: NoSaveSettings
    Data Type: REG DWORD (DWORD Value)
    Value Data: (0 = disabled, 1 = enabled)
    The above key works in conjunction with the “save folder settings” from the toolbar
    of each folder.

    Make sure the above key exists and either create it and/or change its value to “0”.
    Then change your desktop folder(s) how you want them (Including My Computer & Windows Explorer).
    Then via the folder toolbar navigate to save folder settings’ and click the box which should place a checkmark in it, at which point you should see all the desktop folders blink as they are saved.
    Remove the checkmark from this box.
    Then go back into the registry and change the value to ‘1’.
    At this point all my desktop folders (including My Computer and Windows Explorer) are set in concrete and do not change whatever I do.

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    Could you give your instructions in more detail, Ewen?

    I go into Regedit, and go to the specified folder. I try to make the new registry, but I'm unable to imput the VAlue Data as specified. I just get the option to choose Hexidecimal or Decimal, and I can't type the VAlue DAta your said to put in.

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    Right click in the right hand pane and select New/DWord Value

    Now right click the new value you have created and rename it NoSaveSettings

    The value is hexadecimal by default and this is what it should be. It will also be set at 0.

    Now carry out the rest of the settings in your Explorer and save them as detailed

    Now come back to your registry entry and cahnge the value to 1

    Hope this bit helps but come back if you still have difficulties.

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