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Thread: BLUE SCREEN can I get any help

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    Default BLUE SCREEN can I get any help

    when I got this it had no boot up screens at all; now I can get to the BIOS, I can even get it to boot to disk. I have tried XP and VISTA.
    When I load Vista I can get to the screen that will alow U to select which HD U want to install, but not HD can ever be found.
    If U boot to the setup bios it the HD will be found.
    if you boot cd with XP it will load until it come to chdisk, & or also say remove any new hardware because virus may be present.

    I have tried and changer many components including CPU.
    Currently I am trying to boot with floppy 6 disk recovery.

    I feel that I have a bios setting issue but can not find it.
    It is a AMI American Megatrend bios v02.61

    any ideas I would really appreciate the help please

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    Default Re: BLUE SCREEN can I get any help

    Can your BIOS even recognize the hard drive anymore?

    A few years ago I had hard drive failure. That same symptoms. Blue screen, dead HD.

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    Default Re: BLUE SCREEN can I get any help

    I am back from my 15 year holiday! I have fix that one and 4 others this week WOW!!!
    thanks for your reply.
    yeah in Bios it read hd but none other location read hd. I re-wrote the bios with new firmware and all is well.
    As far as that dead HD next time try: from within windows. r click on my computer\click_manage\click_disk managment: in the middle window find your dead drive it will say healthy nah. format it by r clicking their.
    oh my 15 away\ Honda dirt bike in Colorado. fun hella fun

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