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Thread: problem ?

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    Default problem ?

    Hi my pc was working perfect prior to installing sp2 and sp3 on my windows xp pro

    now when i wanna play a mp3 file if i double click it to open it just freezes.( but it will work fine if i double click it right after i restart windows.) and same with movie files.

    im assuming that i might have a low memory problem? if the service packs use more resources? because like i said this worked fine before.

    also i notice things start to freeze after the computer has been idle? currently i have 768mb of ram. and when i check (ctrl alt dlt) theres around 300mbs or so available when all my programs are opened.. everytihng works fine though it just seems once some memory is being used i have a few issues

    same if i want to print something it might start to print then it stops then i restart my pc and it finishes just fine.

    do i just need a ram upgrade? i really dont wanna format and start over lol
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    Exclamation Re: All your problems?

    I've seen PC's with only 256MB of RAM run XP SP3, all be it a bit slow with a lot hard drive thrashing, but with the amount you have shouldn't be a prob.

    Personally all mine have 2GB but why have you got all those separate threads for your probs (4 that I've seen unless I missed some)?

    Now before you installed those service packs did you do a disk clean up and defrag?

    How much disk space do you have?

    And why are you trying to format your hard drive with a floppy instead of the XP CD (also floppy drives and disks are very unreliable which is why you very rarely see them these days)?

    It would also be a good idea to list your complete hardware spec's in your signature.

    Personally it sounds you either screwed up the file system or you don't have enough space on your hard drive .

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