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Thread: Win 7 64bit installed alongside vista ultimate 32bit now CPU USAGE at 100%

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    Default Win 7 64bit installed alongside vista ultimate 32bit now CPU USAGE at 100%

    Hey all,

    My system specs:
    Intel core 2 duo e8200 2.66Ghz
    Kingston Hyper X DDR 2 800Mhz 4gb
    Silverstone 750W PSU SST-ST75EF
    Asrock P45DE motheboard

    I took my PC into shop to get Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit installed alongside Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit which has been installed since the beginning. So now I have two options pick vista or windows 7 in the boot manager.

    Ok when I log into Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit then go to task manager then performance tab I see in the CPU USAGE its at 100% with no change just constant 100%.

    Also this is very strange windows 7 has taken my secondary drive which is IDE set to slave in windows vista as the drive to run windows 7 on and my sata as the primary drive set to master in Windows Vista but set it as secondary drive in windows 7. So to make simpler my

    My SATA is C drive in Vista but in Windows 7 it is D drive
    My IDE is E drive in Vista but in Windows 7 it is C drive

    Windows 7

    Disk 0
    New Volume C:
    Healthy (Boot, Page file, Active, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)

    Disk 1
    Healthy (System)

    Windows Vista
    Disk 0
    New Volume E:
    Healthy (Active, Primary Partition)

    Disk 1
    Healthy (System, Boot, Page File, Crash Dump)

    Is it the fact that Disk 1 (SATA master) is set to DYNAMIC disk have something to do with the fact that Windows 7 has changed the order of what drive it should be installed on, because the guys said when they went to install windows 7 it installed it on my Vista secondary drive which is the IDE and turned the Sata primary drive into the secondary hence changing the order which is very strange.

    So is it strange to you that my CPU USAGE is 100% in windows 7 ultimate 64 and yet in window vista ultimate 32 it varies. And that my drive order has changed in Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, the reason I worry is because when I upgrade my vista to the official retail version in November I think it comes out I don't want any boot or drive order problems.



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    Default Re: Win 7 64bit installed alongside vista ultimate 32bit now CPU USAGE at 100%

    CTRL+ALT+ DEL and there you see what keep your cpu at 100%. It must be a process, otherwise i don`t see why. I tried VISTA and 7 as well and XP and 7 and not a problem. Check your services, what you don`t need disable it. Check on the internet for services that can be stopped or disabled for Vista and 7.

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