Hi all,

I dont know if this specific problem has already been posted, by other so here goes...

I just got an BSOD.

***STOP: 0x00000019 (0x00000020, 0x81D135E0, 0x81D13628, 0x0A090009)

now the stupid thing i did was restore my laptop using the Dell PC restore =S n should have tried the Restore from early point first =@

n still getting the BSOD.

im using safe mode with networking n went online n tried to look for this problem n couldnt find wat exactly is the problem with my laptop.

its a 2005 model, inspiron 2200 by dell, XP,

last night it was working well n i didnt really install nothing or changed any settings.

it seems safe mode is working fine n im also using the net with no issue on safe mode.

another thing is i dont have a cd from the manufacturer as it has a built in restore from early state when i bought the laptop.

hope thats good enough info! if u need anything specific let me know.

I appreciate the help! =)
Thank You!

I wish my laptop was working ahhh =(