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Thread: WinXP Tweaking Guides

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    Great read, but one thing I noticed - There is actually a M$DN paper on XP (pro) Performace, in which they 'state' that Boot Vis has actually been intergrated into the boot process. When installing Win XP, Boot vis is activated on the 3rd reboot.
    Boot Vis works wonders on 2K :)
    Another interesting thing they mentioned, is that it is best to try to have one partiton on the HDD, as XP will move the most used data to the outside of the disk (every 30 days, or something), supposedly reducing the seek time. My XP PC takes 31secs to boot to the login sceen. Barely enough time to roll a ciggy. (Yeah, I timed it...just call me Luser :)

    Check out the links:
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    Hey, I am a new user to this site and I loved your Tweak Guide. "Work of Art."

    Just one problem I am having after I tried your Tweak Guide PersianImmortal. I know you must have gotten a lot people with problems they may have encountered after they tried the Tweak Guide but you might find my problem unique.

    Everytime when I download something which is going at 360kbps or at my max cable speed, my computer goes really slow. Almost like all my resources are being taking from my computer and distributed to the download. Other than that my computer runs perfectly.

    -This problem below is not because of the Tweak Guide, just one other problem I am having. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem.-
    There are the occassions where my computer runs very very slow after I quit from a game like FarCry or Doom3. If anyone has any suggestion to what I can do about this problem please reply back.

    If its not too much trouble, please give give me your expertise on how I can resolve this computer slow down having to do with downloading as stated above. I'd be very much appreciated if you can help me with this problem. Thanks

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    Default Re: WinXP Tweaking Guides

    The first guide i found to be the most useful. the second is all about taste. Both are very through...great guides!
    - Damien

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    i have winxp and lately it seems to alway restart after a few mins by itself does any1 know whats wrong and how to fix it?


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