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Thread: Windows XP giving me a OS choice menu???

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    I recently formatted my girls harddrive due to the fact she had a ton of viruses and I was finding it impossible to update to win xp (from win me) anyways after I got it all finished and installed xp, I get a OS Choice menu everytime I boot up...............I find it very odd that it gives me a choice between MS windows and MS Windows XP, since I completely formatted and did a clean install.............when you do select the MS Windows option nothing happens the screen just stays black

    How can I disable this in registry? Or is there some other method

    I don't feel like formatting again..........stupid HP comp

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    the file you are looking for is in the root of c:
    and is called boot.ini
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    Alternativley, you can click start -> run and type 'msconfig'

    when the utility opens, click the boot.ini tab and then press the 'check boot paths' button. It will scan the boot.ini and fix/remove invalid entries.

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    Or even a third option is to do this:

    In Control Panel, Click on the System Icon - or Right Click on My Computer if you have it on the desktop.

    Then selected the Advanced Tab, down the bottom will be Startup and Recovery, click on the settings button, and from here you can choose not to display the list, by removing the tick on the "Time to Display list of Operating Systems", and you can even select the Edit button to manually edit your Boot.ini

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