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Thread: crashing/rebooting

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    recently my PC started acting very weird... It randomly decides to reboot. it usually happens when its using some high processing power like encoding. But it also does it when im just surfing the net or when im away from my pc. I did the hd check, didnt find any errors so im thinking its either win XP that is crashing or i have some heat problems, but i have a Volcano 7+ so i should be fine i think (ahtlon xp 1800).

    Anyways, anyone ever experienced this, or has any idea on how to fix it?

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    It sounds like overheating to me. Is the heatsink installed correctly? What about the room temperature? My brother was having similiar problems at our last lan party. We'd be playing Quake 3 for about 5 minutes when his PC decided to reboot. Also just like your problem it rebooted whenever he surfed the internet or this last one is quite strange when ever he touched the PC. What kind of temps are you running and did you apply any sort of TIM between your HSF and processor?

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