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Thread: Setting up XP Boot CD with latest updates/system drivers

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    i basically wanted to know how to embed windows updates an my manufacturer's latest drivers into my cd of xp. i know i could just make an image of my hdd, but i dont want to incase i end up updating my computer, and then i would have to make a new image, whereas with embedding them into the xp iso is much easier, and cleaner as far as i think. i have read articles on creating an xp cd with sp1, and i wanted to know if that process works for all windows updates.

    on a side note, for those of you who want to create a customized xp cd, if you want to change the default boot screen, download a new 1, and replace the ntoskrl.EX_ (i think that's how its spelled) file in the i386 folder
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    I know it used to exist in the Win98 SE resource kit, that you could tell it to use extra INF files to read for hardware you had.

    I am sure that there should be program like this for XP, for corporate deployment. Look around the net for it, or follow the SP1 steps to do it as well....
    I will qualify that I am not 100% sure that it will work

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