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Thread: Is this a video driver problem? Or a BIOS problem?

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    I don’t know if anybody has had this problem or not, but here are my symptoms:

    My computer will suddenly “lock up”, with the exception of my mouse/pointer, which will still move, but will be very jerky. Even though the pointer still moves in a jerky fashion, I no longer have the ability to click on anything (including the start menu).

    I have my computer set up to when I push the power button it goes into standby. So, when my computer “locks up” as described above, 90% of the time I push the power button, and it’ll go into standby. When I bring the computer out of standby 5 seconds later, it works again, as if nothing happened, until the next time it “locks up”.

    I was thinking it may be the video driver, but it’s only a guess. I downloaded the latest driver from Dell, and have tried downloading them from Microsoft and NVIDIA’s website as well, but to no avail (the drivers from Microsoft and NVIDIA’s websites create problems of their own, such as a memory dump). Also, I have not updated the BIOS ever. Could this be it?

    Does anybody have any suggestions?

    Here are my specs:

    Inspiron 8100

    XP Pro (just installed SP1, but it didn’t solve the problem)
    1.13 Gig CPU
    512 RAM

    I have tweaked some of the things in the registry, but I don’t think that is the cause of the problem because this problem just started after downloading Dell’s video driver, while I tweaked the registry over a week ago.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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    It maybe the BIOS but Dell should have a list of BIOS flashes for your model and what fixes go with them I think. ;)

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    I had similar problems at work with Win NT. It kept locking over and over. We found a solution and that was 2 increase cache settings min/max 2-2.5 times your RAM (equal setting on min/max)
    I even did this 2 my Win XP and it s now running a bit smoother :shoot2:
    BUT...dont set it 2 high...u will only get a blue screen :eek:
    Hope this might help!

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