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Thread: New EULA from M$ : Really horrible !!!

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    That's just a taste of what the MS Paladium initive will be. They're going to assume that everyone is a crook and treat everyone like they are one. You can kiss any "fair use rights" goodbye; and shareware, and freeware, and java, and..........! I will never knowingly buy (or download) anything with restrictive DRM or "Fritz chips" in it. I'll keep my old stuff together with bubblegum and bailing wire if comes to the point where I can only buy crippleware and cripplecrap.

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    well said!! I too will keep it together with spit and bubblegum before I submit myself to any restrictions on something I have paid for. This is only going to get worse as DRM becomes more entrenched in computing practice. When is it enough? When will the consumers whom the MPAA, RIAA and M$ depend on stand up for themselves.

    The concept of "leasing" software, music or video is only going to perpetuate piracy! If the powers that be don't learn this and offer their product with a reasonable warranty at a reasonable price they are only hanging themselves.

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