Sygate Personal Firewall STD and PRO 5.0 build 1150 is released (09-27-2002 until 10-27-2002)
Sygate Personal Firewall STD and PRO build 1150 are released. You can download from here

Please Note: It can take awhile to update all our download servers so please keep checking back until the links are available

Here is the current list of fixes for SPF STD and PRO 5.0 build 1150:

Fixed SPF not saving settings, unless you have exited SPF prior to shutdown or reboot.

Fixed a problem with "act as server" disabled SPF would still allow local ports.

Fixed a problem on Windows XP that would cause the computer to blue screen if Bridging is enabled.

Fixed a problem that would cause CPU usage to increase on a computer running Norton AV 2002.

Fixed SPF using 100 % CPU in allow all mode when being scanned.

Fixed 100% CPU usage with Windows XP with logging on and off using different user accounts.

Fixed a blue screen after installing SPF and rebooting the computer on Windows NT/2000/XP.

Fixed issue in SPF where local user has ability to run programs as LocalSystem on Windows NT/2000/XP systems

NetBIOS Protection can now be enable or disable by choice (SPF STD)

Fixed IP Spoofing Loopback Address issue

New feature(s):

Packet logs can now be exported in Network Monitor and Netxray formats