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Thread: XP-Corp. Edition ***** SLAPPED! Like a Corporate *****!

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    Default you see a "shrink"??? :afro:
    JUST ASKING..........

    tons of fun

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    we dont need aliens to rape the planet or screw each other, we humans are perfectly capable of doing it ourselves and have been for long enough!
    Accualy I agree with that statement.

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    Originally posted by Akimbo

    Pretend that we are the only beings in the universe, and that an alien invasion force hasn't already infiltrated earth and created a regressive way of life that employs "mind-control" with "planet-raping", then call it "normal life".
    Duyde yer seriously f**ked up, take off yer tin foil hat and go see some doctors, maybe they can help ya
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    so it's a majority vote that Akimbo is mad? OK.. case dismissed.

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    I would just like to ask... why does any one person need billions of dollars to live?

    A person can live well off of the intrest from 200,000 US Dollars.. why does anyone need to hoard so much money? Yes, he indeed earned it, its his company. BUT how can his company make HIM so much money with all the bills to pay? He got rich overpricing his comapnies software and stealing Apples GUI design. My opinion, may not mean it's urs. Have a nie day! :)
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    Some people see money as a game, the more you have the better you are doing...

    As for blaming the one person, I assume you're talking about Bill, who isn't actually the boss anymore.. That and that fact that he lost over $40billion last year, which is almost half his value...

    More to the point, people can live off anything. It's just that when you've got more money, you tend to upgrade your lifestyle because you can. Why not use the money to make life more enjoyable?

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    Good stuff all over...the stuff REAL democracies are made of and a good decision to let the thread run...

    Rich and poor and the divide between them has been the food of revolutionaries, bane of the "system", the right of the individual since man learned to count ( his sheep/women/shells...get the idea).

    Everything expressed in this thread is right....just depends on your perspective.....

    if you've got a lot then what's the problem.....

    if you've got little then it your fault you haven't got a lot (thats the globalist view)...

    how come you have to have so much??...that's what over 2/3 of the world says when they look at the likes of us........
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    How ever did I miss this thread? Oh yeah.. nevermind, connection problems

    I can only sit in amazement from mainly the first post. Everything said in that gave me a single image in my mind: That of an insane entity.

    There's really no point in me adding any further viewpoints to this thread, since the other regulars have donated their 2 cents and then some.. I agree with them.

    All I'm going to say is.. wow.

    Well, ok.. I will bring up a point. This forum is a place of intellectual discussion. It should be kept that way. People are definately able to express their opinions, but not to the blatant extremes I've just witnessed. There was definately an easier way to go about that. Some should think before they post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven
    How ever did I miss this thread? Oh yeah.. nevermind, connection problems

    Some should think before they post.
    It was called something else, but then the genius decided to start another thread, so I merged the two.

    Some people should think.. period.

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    Storm-Troopers gonna be kickin down ya doors

    Responses to various kickbacks;

    Wer'e seeing brain power responses with "Your Mad"............... i mean **** man!, thats ARCHIVE quality.

    Have ya ever researched Tesla's biography, about how his 800+ inventions were born from his mind..? Well guess what, most weren't born from his mind at all, and this is the words from Tesla himself, that his "ideas" were actually transmission via Aliens from Venus. hmmph.....the guy needs to see a shrink?:rolleyes2

    Oh and Edison didn't invent jack **** when it comes to light bulbs, sorry, Tesla got stabbed in the back from that one! Don't some research.

    By the way, watch out when the new president of Argentina is "ELECTED":laugh: Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, AKA "Lulu", ooooooooh $330 billion greenbacks down the drain: party ha
    and i dont have a clue about the economy.....:laugh:

    Join a conspiracy forum, then you'll see HOW to write in forums, not this "Your ****ed Up" GOLDEN equation, woh THATS THE ANSWER, if someone says "The government and coporations are corrupt" you just say "Your ****ed Up" yes, the GOLDEN equation.
    You'll also learn that your fellow man ain't the enemy, its Lucifers *****es making the game-rules and shifting the goal posts when it suits THEM. Understand?

    The theory of evolution is just that, a THEORY. It means "We don't actually know how lifeforms were created, but we're using this theory because it SUITS US and keeps the truth from ever being known".

    And whats a doctor gonna do? Prescribe mind altering drugs full of chemicals that sedate. Yep lock em all up, you can actually do some good business by building yaself private institutions, ah PRIVITISATION, the answer to "Government Irresponsibilty".

    Rich and poor - "Kings and Slaves"

    Final note: What is the world's most profitable business??

    Lets see if any of ya's HAVE A CLUE.

    PS. why did ya even bother leaving the first post on, i told ya you can delete it and ya shoulda just done that. Done 100's of flame posts, including things about Overclocking Pizza's, aint seen one last this long...must be real boring in computer land ATM.

    PS. Now im downing Norton stuff, simply coz viruses & trojans are made by these ya research.:shoot3: :shoot3:

    :flames: This has been a Flamepost production.

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