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Thread: why do the xp start so slow

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    is there a way to improve performance, i had 1200 mhz and 20 gig hd and getforce 2 video and 128k memory, i had only at least 12 out of 20 gig hd? give me some hints plz...

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    Make sure you have Schedular running. You don't need to set up anything to run. Every 3 days, xp will rebuild the prefetch folder.
    The built in defrag will use the prefetch.ini to put the programs and boot files in the best location on your drive. I use Perfect Disk to defrag and set up the files. It DOES help.

    You can also get Bootvis.exe from MS to improve boot times.

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    There are multiple things that you can do besides messing with the prefetch. First off do you have alot of programs running in the background that start up with windows?

    Start off with removing any uneeded programs from start>programs>start up.

    Also go to start>run>msconfig and click the start up tab. All the things in this list can be removed and are not crucial to system operation. Remove the ones that are not needed. Me personally I don't have anything selected in this list except for AIM.

    Also while your here click the tab that says "services" and then you should tick witha check mark the area that says "hide all microsoft services" you can uncheck these also as they are not crucial to system operation. I especially recommend unchecking nvidia driver helper or soemthing as that has a major impact on system performance.

    Another thing you can do is open the registry. If you don't know how go to start>run>regedit. Then make your way to HKEY_Local_Machine\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr ent Version\Run. You can remove anything from this area as well.

    And like KenW mentioned run the bootvis tool. It DOES help. I have noticed a HUGE jump in boot up time.

    And lastly you can try some of the tweaks that are on the tweaktown website. Most of them I have noticed do actually affect performance. The only ones I didn't really mess around with were the memory tweaks as they slow down system performance right after boot up. Until everything gets put into ram. Other wise it is quite slow. I suggest you give part 1 and part 2 a shot. Cause they work.

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    :cheers: thanks for the great info. i will try them and see if i will like xp finally. thanks djake65

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