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    Hi I have downloaded SP1 the 30MB one but I need to reinstal WinXp so if I do so do I need to downloaded again or is it saved some where in Windows Folder if so where please HELP. Thank you all for helping me!! And what is the diffrence betwean the 30MB and 134MB?? CYA:):hammer:

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    I'm not sure what your question is but it sounds like you want to reinstall windows xp.........and if you do reinstall windows xp you want to know if you have to download the service pack again. The answer is no because you downloaded it when you reinstall the OS it only overwrites the system files and the registry. It DOES NOT delete personal data or antyhing of the kind. However if you proceed with a format or soemthing. Then you will have to download the sp again.

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    Yes you do. If you downloaded and installed SP1 thru Windowsupdate, the original download file would have already been deleted after SP1 was installed.
    And if you reinstall XP, you have to download and reinstall SP1 again. Unless of course you had download the full SP1 network install package and saved it somewhere (but I dont think you did judging from your post).


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