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Thread: windows randomly giving a black screen (both 7 and 8)

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    Default windows randomly giving a black screen (both 7 and 8)


    first of all sorry i'm gone have to be a bit vague, i have quite a bit of experience troubleshooting pc's but this one's got me scratching my head as to whats the actual cause.

    so the issue is that every now and then (perhaps once a week or once per 2 weeks) windows wil boot up work fine for up till 10 hours (more often then not it's within 1 min of seeing my desktop though) and then the screen turns black and the pc is still running i have to hold down the power button to force it to shut down so windows is still running but nothing showing.

    my first thought was just that my hardware's on the fritz, my pc is going on 5 years old now and has been oc'd to it's limit from day 1 (3.66Ghz on the CPU ((bad sample i could never get it to run at 4 Ghz even with 1.55Vcore but 3.66 worked fine with 1.28, nowadays i run stock speeds since OC is no longer possible it just won't be stable unless i really crank up the Vcore now)) 800 on the GPU ((no issue's here))).

    this issue first appeared on windows 7 X64 ultimate i formatted multiple times but the issue was always there pretty much putting my mind on my hardware's on the fritz.

    now with windows 8 this issue continues but i've just started noticing that when it happens steam requires me to log in again and teamspeak loses it's volume settings these 2 things always happen when i get the black screen thing.

    so now i'm wondering, what can cause this?

    if the hardware fails, it fails, it should crash and even if the gpu isn't outputting video anymore it still shouldn't have any effect on programs right?

    it's a strange issue and sorry i can't give any more usefull info but my specs are below, if anybody has any idea what it might be or what to look at do tell cause now i really want to know what's causing this.
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    CPU : Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.74Ghz
    Memory : Kingston Hyper-X DDR3-2000 6GB (@1750)
    Motherboard : Gigabyte X58 UD4P
    GPU : Nvidia Geforce GTX 470 @ 800Mhz
    OS : Windows 8 Pro
    OS HDD : Plextor M5P
    hdd1 : WD veloceraptor 600GB
    hdd2 : WD veloceraptor 300GB
    hdd3 : Samsung Spinpoint F3 2TB
    hdd3 : Samsung Spinpoint F4 2TB
    hdd3 : Samsung Spinpoint F4 2TB
    hdd3 : Samsung Spinpoint F4 2TB
    Cooling :custom liquid cooling with a 480MM radiator / blocks on CPU/NB/GPU

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