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Thread: whats the freaking deal with focus in XP?

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    i just freaking hate it.......whenever i open an IE window or whatever......and immediatly wanna switch to another IE window i hate or any other program (msn, pshop, whatever) and the damn IE takes the focus again.....i mean not only focus, it restores itself and hides the other window....

    im not hacked nor there's a trojan in my behind a firewall and the ips my isp gives out are fake.....internal only, we all go out behind a proxy so there's no way someone is doing this to me

    i downloaded powertoy TweakUI and set the option to prevent applications from stealing focus...and wont work.

    i just clicked on a link to an ftp.....the window opened (the page wasnt showing yet) so i switched to this window im posting in......and when the ftp finished and was showing the site's content it took the focus and set as the active window, it totally took over even though i didnt click on the taskbar to show that window

    EVEN after a window takes over......i still re-switch to the one i was working in and the other IE windows with pages that hadnt fully loaded will continue to take over till they are done loading......why the heck does this happen?


    whats the problem?

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    Haven't seen/noticed it happening sorry.
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    When most programs open in Windows, they are automatically given the highest "focus". Meaning, they popup and you are able to interact with the contents of that specific screen. That screen will retain "focus" until you specify another program to focus on, and even then the window may take priority again if its contents change while loading. This has been happening for a while. I believe it was totally integrated from Windows NT and later.

    As far as I know, there is no option in Windows to disable or change window focusing.

    The only OS I know of that allows you to select window focus is Linux.
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