Hi all,

For those who are interested in Management Engine firmware, I started a topic that contains tools and illustrations to facilitate the task.

I hope that parts 1 and 2 should help you check and update your ME firmware.

Beware of the following parts of the tutorial which are reserved to crazy flashers...

1 - ME firmware : infos and tools
2 - Checking ME firmware

  • A - Update ME FW with MEupdate
  • B - Check ME FW with MEinfo
  • C - Check ME FW functionality with MEManuf
  • D - Check ME FW in BIOS file with FITC

3 - Extracting ME firmware

  • A - Extracting ME firmware with FITC
  • B - Extracting ME firmware with HxD editor

4 - Setting ME firmware

  • A - ME FW settings for Z77/Z68/P68
  • B - ME FW settings for X79
  • C - ME FW settings for Z87
  • D - Prepared ME FW files

5 - Replacing ME firmware in BIOS file