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Thread: Guide for Office XP

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    Sunday 27th:October:2002- 19:06:23-IST.

    Dear Sir,
    I was running an illegal copy of Windows XP Professional for the last few months; but thanks to the extremely lucid and vivid tutorial of Mr Cameron Wilmot dt 04-09-02, wich I happened to see in Tweak Town, yesterday, I am now "basking in the glory of the latest Service Pack for Windows XP"!!
    2.Similarly, I have two illegal copies of Microsot Office XP- one obtained here at Secunderabad and another at Singapore, with different Product Keys. Though I tried several times,I have not been able to install the Service Pack 1 for this programme,
    uptill now; on both these copies,I get the following error msg:
    " Error-1328.Error applying patch to file,c:\config MSI\
    PT 45 TMP.It has probably been updated by other means,and can no longer be modified by this patch.For more info, contact your patch vendor".
    3. Without installing SP1 on this prog, SP 2 which has also been released by Microsoft, cannot be installed.
    4. I wonder whether this has been brought to your notice. Like Windows XP Professional, many pirated copies of Office XP, are also floating about not only in India, but else where as well, because of the prohibitive price, of the legal versions, by local standards. Unless these prices are brought down, this would continue. Microsoft cannot compare India with America.
    5. Can you bring out one of your brilliant tutorials for this prog also, as you have done in the case of Win XP Professional? You would be doing a signal service for we poor people.
    6. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Yours Sincerely,

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    If I remember right, this problem only happens with Office Xp Professional W/ Frontpage using Windows XP Corporate (I have the same problem too) I did find a tutorial on how to get around this, but I'm not sure if it was meant for illegal copies:

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    to install for office xp+sp2 admin
    then download the ~50mb patch..extract to a folder
    such as C:\officexp
    then gotto to the folder u extracted the patch to...and run the patch which is apx ~40+ mb and wait for it to install...It will take apx 2-5+ mins or so...well peace
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