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Thread: Win95 memory probs... plz help me!

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    Hey, got a question...

    I often run into the problem that I do not have enough memory to run certain programs. The longer I wait with a reboot... it gets harder to run simple programs like mspaint or an ftp-program.

    I leeched a program called Cyberlat Ram cleaner... and hoped this would solve some problems... but it didn't.

    I got 512 mb memory into this pc. Same at home where I run WinXP without any problems.

    Even if I use the program to clean 200mb of memory... its not enough to open paint. Anyone of you got an answer? Thnx in advance for all the help....


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    This is a classic example of why few folks use Windows 95 anymore -- truth be told I still have it on an old desktop though.

    Fact of the matter is Win 95's and 98 too have a total inability to manage RAM properly. Particularly in the amount you speak of, 512 Mb is basically choking your system.
    The OS just can't begin to handle that.

    To be honest about 64 Mb is the true maximum that 95 can really manage well, scary concept I know - but remove some of that RAM, a lot of it in fact.

    Strive for 64 that will give you the least problem and the max RAM onboard -- I suppose with your current configuration a 128 stick is about as low as you can go huh? Maybe you have some old stuff laying around that can get you closer to the mark?

    Secondly be sure you have a goodly amount of HDD space allocated to virtual memory the OS does a better job of managing that than it does RAM.

    Hopefully, with those 2 steps taken and using that or another RAM cleaning utility you will get through with a bit less memory issues. Be worth a try for sure! MSPaint isn't a lot of program to ask for is it? Seems a fellow should be able to run that one when he wants to.

    MicroSoft did release an updated version of Paint for Windows 95 because of some conflicts the original version had - you might give that a try.
    If the link still works, you can get the newer version at;

    Best of luck to you, I know the concept of too much RAM is boggling, but I assure you it is a well documented issue.

    The truth is, the amount of resources that OS must be expending to attempt to utilize 512 Mb is just plain wearing your computer down. Kind of amazing you can get it to boot
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    One question???
    Why are you running win95 on a computer with 512MB of RAM???
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    Another thing is if you have too many things running in the system tray, you may run out of system recources fairly quickly. These are the infamous 64k heaps. When a program closes, it is supposed to return the system recources. Poor programming in some apps led to the recources not being returned in some instances. This also ate up the heaps and was only fixed by rebooting.

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