Well what differents are there between win2k and winXP? I currently using winXP and wonder if i maybe should change to win2k? I have detected that win2k have SP to version 4 and wonder if anyone use it and if's tweakable?

When i say tweakable i mean can i change the services to disable and manual or is this only an future of XP? I realy want my system to top trim as i'm only using an P2celeron/500mhz 128mb/ram.

And what about Win update in win2k is's the same? I also want to know if is stabil to move forward to any linux version if i can't get any longer by not buy any fullversion of Xp or 2k. I'm currently only have an license of ME.

And i'f i know should go for linux what version should i use to get most performance of my computer? Any free version or any way to run windowsprograms in linux free?

Please answer my two threads..and a happy november month to everyone!! Or should i go for Amiga OS again?

Greetz & Rezpect