I'm sure some of us use the MSKB on a regular basis, so I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of this.

Everything is supposed to work as is for 2 years for existing articles. Any new articles starting today will not contain a prefix letter in the article ID.
After the 2 year period, the prefix letter will be dropped from all MSKB article ID's.

The biggest change is going to occur for foreign language MSKB articles, as they are going to be renumbered to be the same as the corresponding english article.

/\see for yourself. EDIT; sorry, that link didn't go well here in the forum - you'll need to copy 'n' paste to get the full URL in your address bar. :(

Some of us may be updating a bookmark or 2 soon, huh?

I hope this works well, I'll really be in a pickle if I get a networking article in Lithuanian

[Raven Edit] Fixed the link there for ya Mr. C :) [/Raven Edit]