OK I have a church computer that we use in our main sanctuary. We have two projectors hooked up to the computer and therefore we need to keep all of the data on the hard drive as we would need new drivers for them which we would not want to get!

But here is the problem....we want to upgrade that computer with a newer one while still being able to use the p[rojectors and any other files we have on it...I thought it would be as simple as just taking off the SATA hard drive and installing it in our new computer...but my friend that knows computers says that the OS which is windows vista...is tied to the motherboard and CPU...and he said if we take it out and simply put it in another computer...it will not work because everything will be different! The motherboard, RAM , CPU...etc. But the hard drive has drivers on it that make the computer we have work with the projectors in the church and I am not sure where to download those or even what proigram they use. You see, the guy that put all this stuff on there originally now no longer goes to that church.

So is there anyway we can keep the programs and files and either reformat theat hard drive or get a new one and put vista back on it?

What is the simplest and easiest program to use for beginners?