Microsoft technicians seem hard work to me as three of them did not know how to make the USB drive into a bootable drive and effectively wasted five hours of my time on the phone to them before I was explained how it was done. Hense the reason I am asking for all of you to help.

I am about to install win 8.1 using the free 90 day trial that MS are offering, because it is a download I have placed it on a 16gb usb drive, basically the file is an iso file so you have to make the USB drive bootable.
However, when I make the USB first drive in bios it gets so far and then stalls with the win 8 icon displayed.

I suspect because I have win XP32 bit installed on the HD already that it is stalling because I am trying to install a 64bit OS?
If this is the reason how on earth do you get around it, if not what do you suggest?

Thanks very much