I built a new computer and went back with 98se, but it had problems due to changes in patches and wasn't handling the 80gig drive well. So I use a partion manager and created room for another primary partion. I let 2k set up a dual boot and use NTFS on the new partion. I wanted to copy over programs that don't need installing and install those that did while keeping 98 usable for getting settings. I didn't use the upgrade install because I wanted a clean install.

This creates 2 problems, one, the 2k drive is called J: and so programs and windows ref to J. when I remove the 98 partion and make J C, all the drive letters will be wrong. I found the Invironment vairables page for changing windows to fix windows if needed.

The other problem is, it looks like it depends on the C partion for booting. Is there a tool in 2k to remove the dual boot and make the 2k partion C: ?