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Thread: audio cd problems

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    insert any audio cd into any cdrom drive and this:

    "access to the specified device, path, or file is denied" in an error message box with the title "Dekstop" when i insert an audio cd in the drive

    when i go to "my computer" it shows an audio cd icon, but if i click on it to open, i get the error message: "the device is not ready" in an error box with the title "D:\" - or whatever cd drive i put the cd into

    if i rightclick the drive and select "open", the cd opens, and i can play any file there - also, cdplayer.exe in c:\winnt\system32 plays and reads the data, but won't get data from cddb (no big deal) - musicmatch plays, reads, and connects to cddb and winamp plays, reads and connects to cddb - but - windows media player does NOT play it, error message "Cannot play back the file. The format is not supported. (Error=80040265)"

    windows2000sp3, fresh install, all drivers updates, no device conflicts, everything else working fine, and this is after several reboots
    MSKB comes up empty, or comes up with too many hits depending on wording, so it's no help

    ideas anyone?

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    I have no idea if this is pertinent to your situation - but I'm going to relate the tale just the same:p

    On my system if I have the sound cable hooked up from the CDROM to the soundcard (at least with my old card it did this) while installing Windows, I would get the wierdest errors when trying to use a data CD.

    Finally learned the problem and unhooked the cable and reinstalled Windows.

    I still think that's too weird.

    Don't have a clue if that will help you though.
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