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Thread: bios checksum error ! detect a operating system in drive a

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    i replaced a new motherboard for mycomputer a month ago and installed xp on it now sometimes when i turned on computer it gave me the "bios checksum error.dectect operating system in drive a please insert a media" i inserted a bootable disk in drive a but it still got same message and not let me get into cmos and just lock computer up. some one has any idea please help i really apprciated.

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    Here's a rather generic list of steps that may help;

    1.) Replace the CMOS. It could be possible that the battery, although it should be new, is weak.

    2. Ensure that the A: drive is properly mounted & cabled.

    3.) Clear the CMOS and reconfigure your BIOS. It may be corrupted.

    If those steps fail to fix the situation it could be hardware or motherboard causing the problem. If so;
    Remove all drives and devices - leaving only the video adapter, processor, and memory and see if you still get the error.
    If you have more than 1 stick of memory remove all but 1. Then check for the error - swap memory after shutdown and test each stick in this manner. If possible, swap out the processor and video card as well.
    If this cannot resolve the issue, it would most likely be a fault in the motherboard - possibly resolved by replacing the BIOS chip, although the weakness could well be in another part of the motherboard as well.

    A lot of rather tedious troubleshooting lies ahead possibly, if you have a shop locally they may be able to test the motherboard (I assume it is under warranty).
    Best case, the first step above will be your solution. The battery from the factory is often weak in much of the electronic equipment sold, whether we're talking motherboards or TV remote controls.
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