Hi folks,
my present problem after install SP1 is, that there is no way to LogIn. Every time I try to LogIn the System directly reboot itself.
Enviro: AMD 1300 Thund., 768 MB DDR, MSI K7 Master, MSI gForce 2 MX400, AddOn-Cards: Abit ATA100, LAN, Fritz, USB 2.0, SB-Live, 4 HDD´s
OS-Systems: 98, 2k, XP (Multiboot) div. Apps (all systems & apps are working fine)
1) XP-Key change (OK)
2) Install SP1 (OK)
3) prompt to reboot (done)
=> System bootup until LogIn-Screen; after confirming (all Accounts) the System directly reboot itself.
Note: I have had heard, that there could be problems with gForce-Adapters (File "hal.dll" whitch will be changed by SP1). So I tried to solve the problem by deinstall my gForce-Adapter (XP-Safemode), but it wasnt succsessfull.

Are there any other ideas or solutions ?