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Thread: swap files in XP

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    ok guys!! I'm just curious as to how a swap file would improve performance and if one is warranted for my system???

    ECS K7S5A
    512mb SDRAM
    c: 40gb Maxtor ATA133 7200rpm
    d: 60gb Maxtor ATA133 7200rpm (only games on this drive)
    X-Micro GF4 Ti4200 128mb DDR
    XP (pro)

    I've read in a few forums that creating a big swap file improves you performance heaps but I've got no idea how it works or how to make one so any info will be appreciated ..... thanks!!:D

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    I don't know if a larger SWAP file would increase performance as I have never played around with that idea, but I just don't loke the idea of Windows owning that much real estate on my hard drive.

    But as to whether it is even warranted on your system, the answer would have to be YES! I have played around with making my SWAP smaller, but even when I reduced the size from 768MB to 512MB, I wold have to confirm a stupid window when booting down saying that I had run out of memory. It was more a pain than it was worth, so I just leave it at 768MB and have it on my larger partition. It seems to be happy and I can still maintain a slim profile on my bootable partition.

    And to answer the question of my system, I am running an Athlon XP 1800+ with 512MB PC2700DDR on an EPoX 8K9A2 mainboard.
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    SWAP file is a file that windows creates on your hard disk as a substitute to RAM. Every time it runs out of memory on RAM it sends the data to the hard disk and writes it as the swap file. Though even in normal circumstances it keeps accessing the SWAP.

    This is one place that windows requires pretty frequently, especially in PC's with lesser RAM, thus understandably it is one of the non-movable parts on hard disk file structure (look for it while running defrag in XP as the green part in analysis window).

    If you have anything more than or equal to 512MB and you don't use your PC for anything more than running a simple office application or surfing the net (who in this world would do just that on a power PC) than u can save your hard disk space by switching the swap file off. It will even speed up your PC as windows won't switch to the slower memory (SWAP) and will depend only on much faster alternative i.e. RAM. If you have anything around 1GB of RAM, turn the swap file off right are wasting that precious hard disk space of yours.
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