First, let me say I'm completely ignorant about the details. I'm just a mom in Suburban Los Angeles and totally clueless. Never built a computer. I just buy 'em and use 'em til they quit. When they quit, I buy a new one.

I got this laptop 25 Feb; it's like 27 Mar and my keyboard totally quit on me. Touchpad still works, scanned and protected against viruses and malware; either nothing found or threat was repaired. Normally, I'd just donate it and buy a new one. But this thing has barely been in my possession for a month.

I've searched online for solutions; all of the Windows 10 keyboard solutions either it didn't work or my settings are already how they're supposed to be.

i just started a Windows Recovery and basically did a factory reset like on a cell phone.

Any idea why this happened and, IF Reset works, how do I prevent it from happening again?