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Thread: How to install WinXP onto a fresh HDD?

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    i have a winxp cd here w/ sp1, but i can't tell if its an upgrade of a full install, do all winxp cd's come with full install? because

    if i boot my new machine taht has nothing on the hard drive how would i install WinXP?? do i type boot from the cd drive in dos and it'll auto come up with the install for winxp?
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    Yes, you can do a full install with an upgrade disk.
    When prompted during installation, you will be required to replace the XP disk with a Windows disk which qualifies for upgrade (Windows 98, 98SE, ME and perhaps 2000?). When the disk has been qualified, you will be prompted to replace the XP disk and setup will continue.

    Windows XP won't install from a DOS disk.
    If your PC will boot from a CD, change the boot order to CDROM first. Then start your system with the XP CD in the CDROM tray and installation should start.

    If it won't boot a CD, get the bootdisk for XP from
    It's the one labeled Windows XP Custom Install Disk found in the Windows XP Bootdisks Sets section.
    Bootdisks are also available from Microsoft in this section _ it is my understanding that they are 6 floppys, the Custom disk is only 1.

    There are many articles online as to how to install from that point, this 1 appears as good as any;

    Have Fun!
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    Windows setup will detect the fresh hard drive and will ask how ya how ya want it partitioned and formatted. ;)

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