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Thread: Deleting Files: Weird Problem

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    I'm having a problem here that has me stumped:

    I have a number of AKAI sample CD's that I use for producing music. I just got a new computer so I was using CDXtract to extract all the files on my AKAI cd's to wav files on my computer so they are easier to use.
    Anyway, I think one of the cd's had errors on it because it was taking FOREVER to extract certain files... finally a box came up that said I was out of hard drive space. I had to manually shut down CDXtract to get it to stop trying to write to my hard drive, and sure enough, I had 0 bytes free.
    Upon inspection, the files that had taken so long to extract were rediculously large (one was almost 2 gigs alone). 99% of the files were normal wav files and worked fine, so I just deleted the bad files. I couldn't delete one of the files however (the file it was extracting when I ran out of hard drive space). It's 420MB and whenever I try to delete it, it says:

    "Cannot delete INC BEL3.wav: It is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be using the file and try again."

    However, the CDXtract program IS closed, and I am the only user on my computer. Even after rebooting it gives me the same message. Anyone know of a way I can delete this rogue file? It's taking up 420MB of unnecessary space!


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    BTW, I am using Windows XP Pro with SP1 installed.


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    Any time that Windows starts getting pissy like this, I generally just boot up into Safe Mode and handle the deletion from there. Also a recommended way to perform Scnadisk and Defrag chores as well since you don't have all the extra crap running in the background.

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    though booting in safe mode and deleting the files is the best way to do it but if u r a lazy fella like me :zzz: is something for u...

    go to start-->run and type msconfig
    look in under start up tab...there should be a process starting at start up relating to CDXtract. Disable this by unchecking the box against this process. restart and u will be able to delete the file.

    another way CDXtract has still not released its handles on the file...start the task manager and in processes look for an image name that relates to CDXtract with user name as ur account name. end this process and then try to delete the file.
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