I have a set of dvd drives which I keep my mp3 collection in, a seven drive array in an external case. It connects via a scsi 50 pin connection to an adaptec 2940 card. Is there some way to get the computer to retrieve a file into memory rather than read it bit by bit while it is playing and prevent me from accessing the whole array until the song is played? Frequently if I try to access another disk while a file is playing, explorer will stop working and lock up, which also halts the music, the screen goes blank as explorer resets itself. I am running Windows 2K server. So my question is whether I can have the computer retrieve the whole file into main memory, or do I have to buy a caching scsi controller? I am using musicmatch jukebox, and there doesn't appear to be an option within the program to do it (or does someone know of a program that allows caching the music files while playing; I have 1.5 gig ram so it shouldn't be a problem overloading memory).