Hello everyone,

I have been using this legal version of XP for a long time now, and i've reformatted a couple of times. I'm using XP Professional. I decided to put XP on another one of my hard drives last night, and when i tried to activate, it told me that this particular product key code had been used more times than it was allowed or something to that nature. It wasn't the error message i've been reading about (the one saying contact [email protected]).

After unsuccessfully trying to activate windows, I am now unable to even get into the system, even though my 30 days isn't up. I am running XP from another hard drive right now, and have the unactivated XP on a spare drive, which is accessible to me through the other XP installation i have installed. So, using my one working XP installation, can i go into the non-activated drive's XP files and edit something, giving me full activation?

It's wordy, I know, but if someone's on their toes, please drop me a line.
email: [email protected] orjust post here. I'll be checking both very frequently.