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Thread: XP freezes

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    I have a huge problem - XP freeze - Ive been around the Web - and it seems like many have this problem - but no places could I find a solutions - many answers are given buy people who dont know a zip about XP or computers - Can anyone here give me a answer why does XP freezes so often

    We are 3 friends with the same problem - but all we have in common is that we are uses CPUs from AMD - One is using a ALi chipset - one VIA and the last SiS - One is running with a 1800+ one with 2000+ and one have Tunderbird 1.33

    We have all big cooles and we have tried to remove the cabinet - that didnt help - some said we need to go from 300W PSU till 400 W PSU - and others just babling
    - so Gentlemen we are depending and trust that here in this forum - we can find an expert or 10 who can help us out


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    Sounds like the possibility of a bit of NV Loop there. ;)

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    Thx for your fast answer - there one problem - Then computer totally freezes and I (we) have to rebot - so it dont generate a error-report

    :( :(

    I will read the NV-loop paper carefully - but bacis what I got from the first reading was - There is no simple solution and I have to change all sort of drivers to find the rigth combination between them - and that will take days to do


    And if I have to upgrade BIOS on all my cards plus the motherboard - we all know what a ***** XP is since they have removed the eazy way to create a boot disk

    **** you Bill Gates - why cant you just send a product on the marked that works

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