I am not happy with xp explorer functions. I transfer lots of jpegs to cd/rw for storage backup and I find that xp makes it a chore. I simply have to copy and paste when using win 98 and the files transfer easily. With xp I copy, which causes the computer to copy, then when I paste it doesn't paste. Sometimes I get a message stating that xp is not compatible with my cdrw format. So, I let it format. Then I receive a message that I have files waiting to be copied to cdrw. So I transfer the files. This happens everytime I copy and paste. Even when using the same cdrw disk. Also, in the xp explorer function my cdrw does not always display the cdrw info after sticking in a new disk. I restart, and all is well for a while then the problem returns. Reloading xp does not fix it either. I am using a Buslink 40x12x40 burner and it copys cds fine using nero software. Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong?
P.s. I am using all of my ide connections on the HD, a dvd player, A cdrom, and the burner. Could my epox mobo be having problems handling all of my ide drives?