I am duel booting win-me & xp with a program ,SystemComander and i was looking trough my settings and my NTFS partition was showing it is version 3.1, how can i convert it to the latest version i think it's ver 5.1 ? I am also running PartitionMagic 8 and was wondering if i use that prog to convert it will i lose my current setup in XP ,i own a legal copy so reinstalling and reactivating dosn't bother me but i have a heap of other programs installed and it woult take me the better half of a week to reinstall everthing .I read somewhere once that you can convert XP on a Fat 32 partition by comand line would that also work to update the NTFS to ver 5.1 ,if so dose anyone know the comand's to use to convert it .Thanks for any help it would be much appreciated.