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Thread: Connecting thru network error, slow shutdown fix, XP Tweaks

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    ok, now i got a real question for you. I have seen both those tweaks and i know exactly where you got them from...
    lets see if you can live up to this reputation of yours in your thread.
    Heres my question:

    It has been my long desire since I recieved XP home to gain access to the QoS Packet Scheduler......What a conveinant thing for microsoft to leave out gpedit.msc on XP home edition. So I need to know how to free up the 20% of restricted access. Thanks

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    Simple. To turn off QOS (Quality of Service), go to Services and turn off (Disable) the QOS RSVP service. Done.

    If you want to make doubly sure, go into the Networking properties tab for your Connection and untick (and even Uninstall) the QOS Packet Scheduler item there.

    All the tweaks in group editor can be performed by other means such as Registry editing or otherwise, so don't panic.

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    yo, I think I "accidently" installed a second network connection when I was trying to dl some type of "celeb" movie. Anyway, I only realized now that damn thing created it's own network connection, other than my normal Local Area Connection. But it says I can't delete it while it's connected or trying to connect. HELP PLEASE!!!
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    Out of interest what does allowing guest logins fix?

    I think this is a bug I don't know about.

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    Post Re: Connecting thru network error, slow shutdown fix, XP Tweaks

    Now for the faster shutdown which has worked every time that ive seen...

    Open up REGEDIT and goto "HKCURRENTUSER\Control Panel\Desktop\" and set the key "HungAppTimeout" to 5000(which is default) and make "WaitToKillAppTimeout"
    4000 (20000 is default).

    Also, go to "HKLOCALMACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Contr ol\" and set the key "WaitToKillServiceTimeout" to 4000 too. That should make the shutdown complete in 4 secs.

    Hope this all works!!! :thumb: :)

    **** One thing no-one has mentioned on any website or thread I have found in reference to slow shutdown for windows xp is the size of your paging file. I experienced 3-4 minute shut down period and did a number of tweaks which didn't seem to help. As soon as I reset the paging file size to system managed size everything was fine and dandy- and faster because of the tweaks I had done previously.
    "Start\Settings\Controlpanel\System\Advanced\Perfo rmance\Advanced\Virtual Memory\Change" Set to system managed size ****

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    Default Re: Connecting thru network error, slow shutdown fix, XP Tweaks

    Without reading your post or the thread, I'd say that you would have been more helpful two and a half years ago.

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