A little background:

This is a home network w/ cat5 cable accessing the internet via cable modem and a Netgear router and Netgear 10/100 lan cards in currently 4 computers. We've been at this for 4-5 years after the house was remodeled and the cat5 cable was installed, originally for dial-up use, but I converted the wiring to a network after I found out what I had. I first used ICS but changet to the router for greater security. :thumb:

There are 2 computers running Windows 2000 and, now, 2 with XP Pro. Both XP machines have legit, individual OEM versions, since they are home built AMD-based machines. The first of which we built last May and it joined the network with very little effort, although, my 19 year old Computer-Gaming-Son accomplished the task (it is his machine).

The problem is with the second XP Pro machine, which I completed a few weeks ago. It accesses the internet just fine through the network, however, it will not access the other computers. I get the following lengthy message: Home (our Workgroup Name) is not accessable. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator (that's me) of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available."

We are not using a Domain.

The other computers on the network list the new machine (they can "see" it) using explorer, however, I get the mesage: "\\(computer name) is not accessable. The network path was not found." arrgh! :(

I have performed the network related tweaks in the TweakTown Win XP Guides I & II as well as reviewed numerous other sites. Using one such sites top ten rules for adding Windows XP to an existing network as a guide, I provide the following:

1. We did NOT run XP's Network Setup Wizard on the other computers.
2. XP's Internet Connection Firewall is disabled.
3. We are logging on as Administrators.
4. We are using the same protocols (and services) on all of the machines. (Client for Microsoft Networks, QoS Packet Scheduler, File and Printer Sharing for Micrsoft Networks, and Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
5. There are no other network protocols in use.
6. Since there are no other protocols in use, we did not have to un-bind File and Printer Sharing from "other" protocols.
7. We're just using the TCP/IP protocol.
8. IP addresses are assigned automatically, so the IP subnet is the same. (Checked using ipconfig.)
9. NetBEUI is nowhere to be found. (Remember it from the early days and the ICS on the win 95 & 98 machines.)
10. We're all using the same workgroup name. (Home)

Oh, yes, I replaced the network cable to the router & I have put in 3 different NIC's. A vintage 10/100 Intel card, a 10 Mbps 3Com card and now a 10/100 Netgear card to match the other NIC's and router.

Sorry for the long epistle, but if you have any pointers I woul appreciate it.

One last thought. The first XP machine assembled in May received the originally issued version of XP. The new problem machine received XP with SP1 included.

If you need any additional info, just let me know. Thanks!

Update Jan 8, 2003: After not finding any solution to fix the problem, I decided to re-install XP on the problem computer, but this time with only one Windows 2000 computer on the network. This has resulted in at least partial success. I can now access the Shared folders from the Win 2000 machine, but not vice-versa. I'll keep you posted, if a solution is found. Thanks to all Viewers!:)

Update June 17, 2003: OK! I figured out the problem, finally. The problem machines have PC-cillin installed and it has a personal firewall component. I disabled it because the Router has a FW and voila... Complete connectivity. Just in case anyone is wondering. :D