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Thread: Need some help with my hard drive

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    Well what the problem really is is that I have partition my hard drive into three C,D,E

    Now C is my main drive and I basically leave it for major programs and my OS it has around 7gig of space and now for some reason I only have 1gig left on it and I can't find what has taken up so much space on this drive.

    Ok I open up explore click on the C drive and all the folders are there on the right if I high light them all right click and select properties the total size of all the folders is only 2gig so I don't know what is taking up the other 4gig of space and I would like to use this 4gig.

    i have run scandisk,defraged and diskclean up as well.

    I'm using ME if anyone knows of a way to find out exactly what is on my C drive could you please let me know.

    Thank you.

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    I Had the same problem using PartitionMagic 6.0 I dont know what it was but it was very wiard!!! I have F the drive and it was all back!! Give it a go but before you do (BECKUP) All your stuff!!!:devil:

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    i have found that if your bios has not correctly found your hard drive size & U fdisk & partion it to say 33% [for each partion & then format each partion (drive letter c,d,e,)],from boot floppy disk then when U run windows the info can be terribly different from the HDD installed.
    Check to make sure that BIOS regonises EXACTLY the size hard drive U are partitioning
    Run detect HDD from bios & select (y) if U agree with HDD installed
    check screen at post to ensure correct or go back to bios

    Some 3rd party s/ware corrupts due to bios not being 100% acc.

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    Sorry guys i was day dreaming abit when i wrote the last post.

    What has happened is that my HD has been partition for about 2 years and i did a reformat about 1 1/2 months ago so everything on the D,E drives is ok but sometime over the xmas break i have lost 4gig of space on the C so could the hard drive have **** it self?

    Explorer is saying that everything on the C totals 2gig but the pie chart that explorer shows says i have 6gig used.

    Thanks again.

    Oh when the HD got partioned it was done before anything was loaded onto it if you understand what i mean.

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