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Thread: Question About CacheMan in XP Pro

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    I am fairly new to XP but have used the excellent tweak guide here to set it up. Several of the registry tweaks I decided to let CacheMan handle instead of doing the manually such as "Unload .DLL's from Memory" or "Disable Paging Executive" as examples. As I look thru the registry I see some of these tweaks still have to be manually applied even though I selected them in Cacheman, saved the settings there and rebooted. The "Unload .Dll's from memory", for example, the folder had been created but no value assigned. Am I doing something wrong in CacheMan? I was under the impression it would set the value. I had to manually set the "LargeSystemCache=0" to 1 and the "DisablePagingExecutive=0" to 1. Also another question, In my 98SE setup I use the "ConservativeSwapFileUsage=1" tweak. Is that reccommended in XP? Thanks in advance and great site, a huge help for folks like me. :)

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    Axe, don't worry too much about Cacheman. I have been using it for awhile now, and it works. When you check the registry and it look like nothing has been changed, but it has. Cacheman has it own way of doing it. for more tweaks other than the ones that Cacheman is incapable of, check out

    Oh and about the ConservativeSwapfileUsage tweak, that one doesn't work on winxp. It's a wrong tweak and will not do anything. Tweakxp has a post about it. However, when in doubt you can always do things manually, I always have, good luck.

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