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Thread: how to boot in ms-dos with winxp?

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    im planning on reformatting my hd, but i can't with winxp open, i think you can format from ms-dos but i can't find out where to boot in ms-dos mode, does anyone know?

    and you type format /s in ms-dos in the hd you want, please confirm that's correct, kthx lol
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    Hehe, get up with the times dude... ;)

    You can format your HDD within Windows XP setup. Boot up your PC with your Windows XP in the CD drive and you will see the option to format your drive soon enough.
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    Tweak is 100% correct, you can format the drive with the WinXP disk. But you can still do it the old fashioned way as well if you really want to...

    The problem you're having is the limitation of the Win9x operating systems. They are not compatible with the NTFS file system used in WinXP. Win9x can't read these partitions at all and won't even identify them as being present. The work-around for this is to go into fdisk and remove the partition. When you get through with this, just recreate the partition again and format it.

    Of course, this is really a waste of time and energy if you plan on reformatting the partition to NTFS when you reinstall WinXP again, so just do what makes you happy. :)
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