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Thread: Windows XP/2000 and AudioCatalyst 2.1

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    Ok ... here we go .. under the system information section of Audio Cat it describes my ASPI drivers as

    ASPI for WIN32 VIADSK that is for my XP box

    for my notebook I have Win2k as the OS mind you

    it says .. ASPI for WIN32 ATAPI

    Hope this helps in some way ?


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    so ive basically noticed the same thing as the person who started this thread. i used audio catalyst running win98 and ripped through cds and encoded them into mp3 no problem. i upgraded to xp home, tried audiocatalyst, had the same analog problem, downloaded the aspi manager, and it made little difference. so i tried out the exact audio copy program that was recommended in this thread and i still am not coming even close to matching the ripping and/or encoding speeds from when i was using 98. are there some settings in eap that im totally missing? quite frustrating...

    any and all comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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    Whats all the fuss about? I don't know much about this software but it seems to me that what it really does it rip your CD's to MP3's.
    Well the easiest software i can remember is "MusicMatch" or even M$' MediaPlayer 9.
    Now I am curious about this thing. Would you tell me something that seperates it from a good ripper like MusicMatch added with a nice Tag editor?
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