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Thread: Windows Xp Screen Saver

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    I am running windows xp pro ,the problem is my sreensaver doesn't work in normal mode it will only work in safe mode any one have any ideas why or how to fix it .


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    Hi Jak,

    So what exactly happens when you say it doesn't work? Does the system crash, or does nothing happen at all?


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    Do you have the same problems with any graphics-based programs?

    Safe Mode simply loads up Windows with the default drivers and the minimum number of items. So if something works in safe mode, but not normally it usually means your drivers are corrupt/badly installed and/or you have an application loading at startup which is causing the problems.

    Reinstall your drivers...particularly the graphics driver, and use the latest ones.

    Go to Start>Run>MSConfig and under the startup tab check to see which programs are loading at startup. Untick as many as you can, reboot and see if that helps. If it does, then see if you can permanently stop them booting at startup through the program's options or just leave them unticked at worst.

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    By any chance you haven't got your "uxptheme.dll" patched by some program like patch XP or styleXP to install non-MS skins...right?
    cos this patching creates quite lots of problems including no-screen saver to even no logon screens.
    If you have got it patched...try unpatching it.
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