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Thread: thread closed!

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    :shoot2: I didn't realize the forum was censored. I had the stupid idea that this was an open forum. I guess not.

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    There are certain censorships involvin' "hacks", "cracks" and "WAREZ" so if ya can't be bothered searchin' for the answers that are already here from before M$ spoke to us then ya can go and find out elsewhere but basically ya get what ya pay for. If you paid zip for it then expect to get zip support. If ya want support then get ya hands into those long pockets of your's and pay for it.

    BTW I'll close this one just so ya know who did

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    Wiggo has already explained the reason, but I just had to add to this one, seeing as how I'm doing most of the thread closing.

    There is no such thing as a completely free forum. Most forums on the internet have Moderators/Administrators whose job it is to make sure the forum rules are adhered to.

    We have spelt out on this forum that because of the large number of people asking the same question, the legalities of that question and how we can answer it, and the absolute repetitiveness of having to answer the same thing over and over, that new threads on the topic are going to be closed.

    If you cannot use the search function, if you cannot read the forum stickies and perhaps look through the rest of the forum for similar posts which have been answered, then you're out of luck.

    This forum is for discussion of Windows tips, tricks and problems. It's not a warez forum nor is it going to be sidetracked into discussion of one topic and one topic only.


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