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Thread: Not looking good....need serious help!

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    I went over to my friends house yesterday to take a look at his computer, and give him some advice in whether to buy a new one or upgrade what he's got. Well, I couldn't see too well because the light was out, so I unplugged the monitor from his gfx card in his pci slot, and this game me some room to pull it out and get a better look inside. I then took out the ram to see what it was, then put it back in. I didn't do too much fooling around, just some harmless looking. So I decide to start the computer up and look at his dxdiag. Well, I got to the screen which gave me to option to run in safe mode or the other modes. i chose to run normal mode, for I saw it unecessary to run it in safe mode. Well, the computer just restarted on me. So on the next round it gave me the option to run in safe mode once again. So this time I tried it. This time I got stuck into the DOS prompt, but I recieved an error message in a blue screen right before. This is what it said:
    " No extended memory driver loaded on computer.
    Make sure you have the himen.sys file on the disk from which you are starting your computer, and then restart using the "command prompt only" option. Depending on the location of the himen.sys file, you may need to add a line such as Device=A:himen.sys or device=C:\windows\himen.sys in the config.sys file on your boot drive."

    Ok, I have absolutely no clue what that meant, so I turned his comp off and pulled the ram out again and put it back in and got the same results. I can't even make it to windows.

    BTW he is running WIN98

    PLEASE help me in anyway possible with detailed instructions! Thx all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokeyMcPot
    PLEASE help me in anyway possible with detailed instructions! Thx all.
    1- Take the offending piece of machinery to an outdoor location away from everything.

    2- Grasp your choice of firearm firmly.

    3- Fire at will. :D

    Just the fact that they're still running a PCI video card says a lot about the possibilities of a reasonable upgrade. The system just needs to be replaced.

    As to the problem you ran in to, get yourself a Win9x boot disk and see if the system will load from that. If it does with no problems, then the problem will be software related. You should be able to install Win98 onto the drive without formatting to retrieve data you need. If it still fails to boot or gives the same error message, then you're more than likely looking at a hardware problem and can troubleshoot from there.

    Good luck. :)
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    I have seen PC's running 98 give a himem.sys error when RAM dies.

    himem.sys is not really required for Windows to run - but don't ask me to go that deep into it, as I'd just embarrass myself.

    See if some compatible DIMMs are available to try in place of the RAM currently in the system.
    I really think the RAM is the most likely offendor in this instance.

    As Darthtanion stated, the upgrade possibilities for this PC probably don't merit the cost involved to do so. There are some decent deals on budget systems these days that are a fair bit better than that PC would be after upgrading it.
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