Nero Burning ROM
EDIT: URL withheld to protect all parties involved or otherwise.

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Adobe After Effects 5.5.1
EDIT: URL withheld to protect all parties involved or otherwise.

SN inside the package

As the title of this thread states "some applications";
Some applications are people's livelihoods - they depend on the software they develop to feed their families and for other such modern amenities.
It is the firm conviction of this moderator that the production for profit of useful software is a key element of the computing environment, one which serves to enrich those of us who use software to complete tasks which otherwise we would be unable to accomplish.

Let's keep in mind also that TweakTown is not the proper place to display, promote, or link to warez applications.
Bottom line, this is our home, and we don't wish to have any trouble around here.

I understand, you just wanted to do your pals a favor by posting those links, but next time perhaps you should also show the proper consideration for the domain.
Please refrain from such postings in the future.

Mr. C

I've done a bit of investigating and this is the second instance of such postings by you LiOnHeArT. Please, for the health and well being of this community, let's have no more of this type thread from you.