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Thread: HELP! questions about HD wipe

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    I was wondering that If i wipe my harddrive completely, will I still be able to use my cable internet? If not, then what will I need to do to get it set up again? last time I wiped my HD I had to have the guy come back out and fix the thing. any help would be appreciated.


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    my suggestion;
    call the cable provider. explain that you are a tweaker who regularly and without notice will at the drop of a hat, format and reinstall an OS in the pursuit of the perfectly performing personal computer system.
    being as that is the case, it would behoove both parties (them and you) for them to explain exactly how to get your system back online with their service.

    If necessary, have them send out one of their service personnel to show you step by step.

    If they have a problem with this, repeat the format and reinstall twice weekly until they cave in.

    mostly, you just need to have the good fortune to talk to the right person when you call and I'm sure you will get all set up with the info you need. Try asking for tech support perhaps?
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    You should be able to copy down ya IE, nic and network properties that ya already have for ya connection and then just reinstall Windows and enter those details back in. ;)

    Well that's all I'd do but I don't have to copy them anymore. :D

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    Not sure about other OS's but when I install XP it detects everything by itself, and the cable connection is up and running by the time I enter windows.

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    As you said that you wiped out your HD and you had to get the guy come to fix it for that time did you change your NIC too?
    Some cable internet people do use finger prints of your specific NIC and if you change to a new card you gotta tell them that you have done so. They will refresh their records and then you are up and running.
    Otherwise, Wiggo's solution is the best one...:thumb:
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